Land and New Homes in Harrow, Pinner, Northwood and other locations

Veezed Residential provides a bespoke service for property developers and covers everything from land acquisition, advice on current market trends, advertising a new home and selling off plan.

Whether you wish to renovate an old existing property, convert a large building into apartments or build a new home development, VeeZed Residential will create a dedicated marketing strategy to attract the right buyers with an aim to sell at the right time, whether off plan or at completion.

We also have a trusted network of professional surveyors, architects, engineers and property marketing specialists who can help you maximise the scope of a scheme and create the vision for that dream home for your buyers.

For more information about our land and new home services and how we can help property developers, please call VeeZed Residential on 020 8357 3494 or email us today.

Selling your property with VeeZed

Every property is different and we are committed to advising you honestly on the value of your home, the best way to present it for selling, the costs involved, how we propose to market your property and how we can help you every step of the way.

We are delighted to offer you a free expert market appraisal on the value of your home or other property. Please call 020 8357 3494 to arrange a suitable time. Once you have decided to use VeeZed, the next steps for a successful sale are as follows:

The 5 steps to selling your home

1. Prepare your home

De-clutter and clean like you never have before. However, do not overdo it so that your home looks too clinical and empty. Surfaces should be clean, shiny and clutter free and the source of bad odours removed.

Remember taste in decor is subjective and others may not appreciate your style. A small investment in redecorating can lead to a big return when it comes to selling your property. Using neutral colours and providing a blank canvas for buyers is the best way to help them visualise their furniture in the property. If you are not able to do this, then decluttering, spring cleaning and touching up any obvious stains/cracks on walls will still help enormously and is absolutely essential before any photographs can be taken.

Try and see your home through a buyer’s eyes – the first thing they will see is the photographs of your home on the internet so these need to be as appealing as possible. The appeal (or lack or appeal) of your home in the photos can mean a potential buyer will, within a few seconds, decide whether they want to view your home.

Kerb appeal must also not be underestimated. Some people may come to view the property and drive off as soon as they arrive, based on the exterior appearance! Ensure the front of the property, drive and garden (if applicable) are all clean and tidy, and the front door, step, and front windows are clean.

2. Negotiating and accepting an offer

We will inform you of all interested buyers and, in writing, of any offers that we receive, whilst also acting in your best interest to achieve the best possible price. We will give you as much information about the buyer’s position such as if they have a property to sell, whether they have sold but are in a chain etc, and what their likely timescale is.

3. Sale Agreed stage

Once you have accepted an offer, we will check the buyer’s ability to proceed on your behalf. You will need to appoint a conveyancing solicitor who will draw up a draft contract and will send this to your buyer’s solicitor. VeeZed can provide you with details of professional and reliable solicitors if required, please call us on 020 8357 3494. Your buyer may want to arrange a survey at this point.

4. Exchanging contracts

Once the solicitors are satisfied with the contract, and the buyer’s deposit and mortgage (if applicable) are in place, you will be able to agree on a completion date and exchange contracts.

At this point, you’re legally obliged to sell the property to your chosen buyer and they’re obliged to proceed with the purchase.

5. Completion

On completion day, you will need confirmation from your solicitor that the monies from the buyer have been received; at this point, you will have sold your property. You will need to take meter readings and vacate your property ready for the buyers to move in.

Take a look at our FAQs for vendors looking to sell for answers to the most common questions.

Selling a Property FAQs

How much will it cost to sell my property?

The costs involved in selling your property consist of:

VeeZed commission

Commission fees become payable once your property is sold and contracts are signed. VeeZed commission is 1% plus VAT of the sale price and will be agreed between you and VeeZed prior to marketing your property.

Energy Performance Certificate

It is a legal requirement to have ordered an EPC before marketing can start. VeeZed can arrange this for you, please call for more information or visit the landlords section for the price.

Legal fees for the conveyancing process

These vary depending on the solicitor you choose. We can recommend a suitable solicitor, please ask.

What is Capital Gains Tax and do I have to pay it?

Capital Gains tax is a tax on the profit from the sale of a property or investment. If the property is your main home and you satisfy the stated requirements you will not need to pay any tax. Please contact VeeZed for more information.

What is Stamp Duty and do I have to pay it?

This is the duty levied by the government on the legal recognition of certain documents, such as the purchase of a property. Only the buyer has to pay stamp duty but if you are buying another property you will need to take account of it. There are currently 5 bands of stamp duty and you can see the current charges on - type stamp duty in the search box.

What are my Title Deeds?

These would have been given to your solicitor when you purchased your property and will be held by your bank or building society (if you have a mortgage). They are proof of ownership of your property. Your solicitor will obtain them and forward a copy to the buyer’s solicitor.

Who conducts the viewings?

We can conduct the viewing on the vendors’ behalf, making the whole process more convenient for the property owner, if they are busy working or do not wish to be involved in the viewings. We establish the buyer’s requirements early in the process so that we know the unique features to focus on when appealing to their desires. Buyers tend to be more at ease with estate agents and will give immediate and honest feedback about the property. We have over eight years experience selling across Hatch End, Pinner, and the surrounding areas and have the knowledge to overcome any objections the buyer might have.

How long does the sale take to complete?

It varies but a rough guide is that it could take 12 weeks. If there are a number of parties involved in the chain then it may take longer. The chain will only progress at the pace of the slowest link. VeeZed is a trusted and honest estate agent that will keep the transaction progressing at a steady pace so that the whole process runs as smooth as possible.

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