VeeZed Residential are not restricted to a particular area and in fact cover the whole of North & North West London.

We would highly recommend that you call our office and speak to one of our Lettings Negotiators on 020 3794 6995 or email us at

That Is Great! You will firstly be asked to place a Holding/Security Deposit in order to secure the property and for us to take the property off the market.

Once you have agreed to take the property on, you will be asked for a 1 weeks’ worth of funds calculated from the monthly rent to secure the property.

YES! If you have pets, you can be asked to pay a larger deposit by the landlord.

The 1-week Security Deposit is a non-refundable fee, if you change your mind on renting the property or fail the referencing process due to providing misleading information after having placed it. However, if the landlord changes their mind, or rejects your offer then you will be refunded in full.

During the term of your tenancy, your deposit will be secured by a governing body called the DPS. You will be issued with a certificate within 14 days of you having moved into one of our properties.

The answer is YES! If your references pass, you will then be asked for a 5-week Security Deposit (includes the 1-week that has been paid) and 4-weeks rent in advance before signing contracts. In some circumstances, more advanced rent can be asked for if the references have some minor matters of concern.

After securing the property of your choice with a 1-week deposit, you will then be asked to submit an application with all your documents that will be cross checked and referenced by a professional referencing company. Some of the checks involved will include:

  • Right to Rent Checks
  • Your Credit History
  • Your Employment Status
  • Your Previous Landlord Reference

If you pass GREAT! If you fail, then not so great. However, the referencing company will tell us as to why you have failed. If it is that you need additional documents, then you will be asked by one of our negotiators to provide them in order for you to pass. If by any chance you have misled us on the application form, then you will be at risk of losing your Holding Deposit.

hat is the best part and is the most exciting! At VeeZed we take pride in the property you are moving into. We always ensure that the property is ready for occupation i.e. clean and vacant! Once all is ready, contract signed and funds cleared into our accounts, you will then be contacted by one of our property managers to set a date and time for your move in.

You will be met and greeted at the property with a big smile and shining keys. Our property manager will show you around the property and do a full inventory check with yourself to ensure everything is fine and in working condition. You will then be asked to sign the inventory report and thereafter be left to enjoy your new home!

YES! We carry out routine inspections every 3 months on behalf of the landlord to ensure you are doing fine as tenants and whether the property has been maintained to a good standard. You do not need to be there during inspections if you do not wish to, however access must be provided on the scheduled time and date.

This is a particularly important document for both you as a tenant and the landlord. This covers all the contents and condition of the property. When your tenancy comes to an end there will be a check out inventory that will be carried out and both the check in and check out inventories will then be compared. As a tenant, we expect you to hand back the property back in the same condition given to you in, if not better.

The answer is YES! However, the landlord can only request for deductions if the property has been damaged in any form of way. This will then be agreed by yourself and if not, then this can be disputed. If there is a dispute, we as managing agents submit all the relevant inventories to the DPS for them to resolve the case and come to a final decision.

This varies from case to case. It can take anything between 6-12 weeks. That is why we carry out thorough inventory checks to avoid any disputes.

A direct debit/standing order must be set up to avoid any delays in rental payments. If not there can be legal consequences if the rent is not paid on time every month. Not paying rent on time is a serious case and can affect your applications for future properties.

Maintenance issues are taken very seriously at VeeZed. Our response time to you is 1-2 hours with a full update as to what will happen and when an engineer will be visiting you. If the landlord delays in responding to the maintenance issue, we will still go ahead and fix the issue. We ensure your safety and utmost comfort at VeeZed.

All our contracts are 12 months with a 6-month break clause.

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