Become a landlord with VeeZed Residential

VeeZed Residential is a well-established residential sales and lettings management agency for homeowners looking to make a return on their property investment. Whether you’d like to buy to let, sell or rent your existing property, VeeZed Residential have the knowledge and expertise to guide landlords with the right choices and opportunities.

When letting a property, VeeZed Residential constantly observe the performance of the rental markets to help landlords maximise their return on investment. Our aim is to find the ideal, reliable tenant for your property and ensure a good rental income is generated for the duration of the let.

Our team of property specialists are trained to offer a range of benefits to our landlords with fees that are both open and transparent. We pride ourselves on our informed approach to customer service and like to build strong relationships with all our landlords.

VeeZed Residential will run thorough background checks on all prospective tenants and will only let to people with a steady income, good financial track record and a clear history with no criminal charges.

We can also provide an independent market appraisal of your property, as well as clear and easy to read tenancy agreements. We want to take all the hassle away from you so that you have the freedom to do what you’d like to.

Whether selling or letting your property, we will generate the necessary exposure through all the relevant marketing channels including Zoopla, Right Move, and any local listings to maximise opportunities.

If you wish to sell your rental property or if you own a property to let and would like more information on our services for landlords with VeeZed Residential, please email us or call 0208 357 3494.

We have a range of letting services to suit all your requirements starting from as little as 7% of the rental rate. Our FAQs section below has all the details you need to make the right decision for your investment.

What letting service options does VeeZed offer?

We want to make sure that all of our landlords profit from choosing VeeZed as their lettings agency. For this reason, we’ve created a range of services to suit all budgets and requirements. Whether you’d like us to let your property, collect the rent as well as finding reliable tenants or a fully managed service where VeeZed is the first point of contact for enquiries, we can provide the level of service you need to make your investment work for you.

What is included in the let only service?

Our let only service is all about finding the right tenants that will honour their responsibilities. We charge 7% plus VAT of the rental rate to let your property. Below is a list of what is included in our let only service.

  • Finding the right potential tenants for your property.
  • Full referencing of the tenants & contract signing.
  • Rent & deposit collected on your behalf.
  • Initial photo inventory for your records.
  • Fees are taken up front for this level of service.

What is included in the let and rent collection service?

Our let and rent collection service offers all the let only perks with the added benefit of collecting payments from tenants. You can expect to pay 8% plus VAT of the rental rate for our let and rent collection service.

  • Finding the right potential tenants for your property.
  • Full referencing of the tenants & contract signing.
  • Initial photo inventory for our records.
  • Rent & deposit collected on your behalf.
  • Rent collected on the due date.
  • Fees are taken monthly for this level of service.

What is included in the full management service?

Our full management service is a complete solution that takes the stress and hassle away from managing your property. Putting your faith in VeeZed will give you the freedom to pursue your next venture. We charge 10% plus VAT of the rental rate for our fully managed service.

  • Finding the right potential tenants for your property.
  • Full referencing of the tenants & contract signing.
  • Initial video inventory for our records.
  • Rent & deposit collected on your behalf.
  • Deposit Protection arranged.
  • First contact point with the tenants.
  • Property inspected every 3 months.
  • Keys are held during the tenancy.
  • Attend property at no extra cost and arrange repairs if necessary.
  • Final video inventory on check out.
  • Free legal advice & court appearance if required.
  • Fees are taken monthly for this level of service.

Can you guarantee rent is paid regardless of the tenants’ circumstances?

Yes. We are proud to offer landlords our Guaranteed Rent Scheme, which means your rent will be paid on the due date regardless of the tenant circumstances. Your rent will be paid whether the property being occupied or not. There are no further fees and we take 100% of the risk. The cost of this scheme is provided on the day your property is valued.

Can you help with a buy-to-let mortgage or re-mortgage?

Yes. We offer landlords looking to buy a property a free mortgage appraisal and the most competitive rates in the market for you to choose from.

Please call 020 8357 3494 or email us for more details regarding mortgages.

My property has general wear and tear. Are you able to refurbish it?

Absolutely. Our professional handymen have full expertise in refurbishing and decorating residential flats and houses at competitive rates.

Please call for a free quotation on your property if you feel it is not meeting the sale or letting standard.

How much does your inventory service cost?

We can offer landlords our fully detailed, photo & video inventory service for only £180 plus VAT.

Can you arrange certificates for EPC, Gas Safety, and electrical checks and how much do they cost?

Please note all tenanted properties require a valid gas safety & EPC certificate. The gas safety check should be carried out before or at the very start of the tenancy, and the EPC must be ordered before the property is marketed. Though an electrical certificate isn’t a legal requirement, we still advise that landlords have one in place. We can arrange them for you as stated below:

  • Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) £95 plus VAT - Valid for 10 years.
  • Gas Safety £95 plus VAT – Valid for 1 year.
  • NICEIC £220 plus VAT – Valid for 3-5 years (please note this is at the discretion of the engineer).


Tenancy Deposit Protection FAQs

What is tenancy deposit protection?

From 6th April 2007, the legislation surrounding all new tenancy deposits was amended. The law states that all new tenancy deposits must be protected by one of the three government-backed tenancy deposit protection schemes (TDP).

The government wants to protect deposits so that a tenant receives all or part of their deposit back, as well as making disputes between landlords and tenants easier to resolve. Deposit protection also aims to encourage tenants to look after the property they are renting.

What happens when a tenant moves in?

When a tenant is about to move into the property they will need to pay a deposit (typically one month’s rent) which the landlord or letting agent will need to ensure is protected. The landlord will need to choose one of the three providers listed above. The Deposit Protection Service holds the money in a scheme until the end of the tenancy. The other two providers are insurance-based. There is a fee for this type of scheme to insure against the failure to repay monies due to the tenant.

The landlord or agent must provide the tenant with details of how their deposit is being protected within 30 days. It will include contact details of the landlord and the deposit provider, how to apply for a release of the deposit and information explaining why a deposit was needed to begin with.

What are the tenants’ responsibilities?

The tenant is responsible for making sure that the property is left in the same condition, as described in the inventory, as it was when the tenancy started, allowing for general wear and tear. New tenants are always made aware of their responsibilities and that there may be a claim against their deposit if they are unable to maintain their responsibilities.

What is an inventory and why do I need it?

Before every new tenancy, a full inventory of the property should be completed, preferably by a professional inventory firm, which includes photographs and highly specific details of its condition. VeeZed can arrange this for you, please call for more information and click here for the price. (Link to prices) The inventory is an additional cost to landlords when letting a property and is highly recommended for the benefit of both tenant and landlord as it will help to resolve any disputes much more quickly and easily, especially if carried out by an independent firm. There will be an initial inventory and ‘check in’ which is usually paid for by the landlord, and a ‘check out’, the cost of which is often charged to the tenant on moving out.

What happens when a tenant moves out?

When a tenancy ends, the state of the property should be checked against the inventory, (called ‘check out’) ideally by the inventory firm. Within 10 days of the end of the tenancy, the landlord should agree with the tenant how much of their deposit should be returned. After everything has been agreed, the tenant will receive what they are owed.

What if there is a dispute?

There is a free adjudication service to help resolve disputes about how much deposit should be returned. The disputed part of the deposit is held until the dispute is resolved.


Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) FAQs

What is an energy performance certificate?

Whenever a property has been built, sold or rented an energy performance certificate (EPC) will be required. The landlord must order an EPC from an accredited assessor before the property is marketed to potential buyers and tenants. VeeZed can arrange this for you, please call for more information.

Buildings that don’t require an EPC include places of worship, industrial sites, holiday accommodation / residential properties that are used for less than 4 months of the year and listed buildings.

What information does an EPC contain?

An EPC contains energy use and typical energy costs information about the property. It will also recommend ways to reduce energy use and save money.

How long is an EPC valid for?

10 years. The EPC will give an energy efficiency rating from A (most efficient) to G (least efficient). Once the EPC becomes invalid a new certificate will be required.


Gas Safety Checks FAQs

What is a Gas Safety Check?

The Gas Safety (Installation and Use) Regulations 1998 refers to the landlords’ duty to provide safe gas appliances and fittings to its tenants. A gas engineer registered with the Gas Safe Register must carry out the checks. VeeZed can arrange this for you, please call for more information and click here for the price. (Link to prices) There are three main responsibilities to address when letting a property, which are maintenance, gas safety checks, and record.

What are the responsibilities of the landlord?

Pipeworks, appliances, and flues must be maintained in a safe condition. A 12 monthly gas safety check is required on every gas appliance/flue and a record of the annual gas safety check must be provided to the tenants within 28 days of the checks being completed. It will also need to be provided to new tenants moving in. It is the landlords’ duty to keep copies pf the gas safety record for two years.

What if I’m only letting for a short period of time?

Even if the property is being rented out for a week during the holiday, it will still need a gas safety check. As a landlord, you have specific duties in terms of gas safety.

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